VLUU L110  / Samsung L110The incredible success of Hy-Pro over the last decade has transformed the company into the pre-eminent outdoor manufacturer in the UK. Now operating on a worldwide scale with major international customers whose businesses span the globe, Hy-Pro is in a position to build on that success. Yet constantly battling to keep kids active and outside, Hy-Pro’s unyielding service to the outdoor sector has often been against increasingly unhealthy modern trends.

Whilst this mission was initially focused on licensed product, first from major sports brands and later from the world of character entertainment, Hy-Pro has now begun to expand beyond the licensed niche. Hy-Pro’s Hong Kong office and subsidiary company, Hy-Pro Asia, are taking the business forward in new areas, whilst remaining true to Hy-Pro’s core outdoor philosophy.

As one of the fastest growing international suppliers of OEM products in the Far East, Hy-Pro Asia is boldly leading the Hy-Pro group forward. In the UK, development of Hy-Pro’s brand offering is also continuing apace. With the phenomenal success of the playground craze Street Gliders – a Hy-Pro innovation – more resources are being given over to the development of Hy-Pro’s proprietary brands. Never satisfied with the mundane, all of these new Hy-Pro brands will be laden with original, creative and imaginative intellectual property.

Entertainment License

With such impressive credentials from the sporting world, it was unavoidable that Hy-Pro would become involved with some of the biggest entertainment licences around. Staying firmly with our sporting and outdoor roots, Hy-Pro has enjoyed considerable success in this area, with a particular specialty in licensed balls, sports toys and outdoor play. After only three years involvement in entertainment licences, Hy-Pro now represents some of the world’s biggest properties including High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Scooby-Doo, Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer, Clone Wars, Spiderman, Cars and many others.


Continued innovation and development of our own IP is a trademark of the Hy-Pro methodology with original product advances constantly being introduced to the market. While this is often developed within our licensed or own brand ranges, the truest expression of Hy-Pro’s uniquely creative approach to the outdoor market can be seen in our own ZINC range of wheeled toys. New for 2010, ZINC features a collection of exciting, original interactive wheeled toys including in-line scooters, tri-scooters, bikes and trikes which make real engine sounds at the turn of a key, squirt water from hidden mechanisms or light up and change colour as you step on or off. One even has a working speedometer and records your total mileage. ZINC is expected to exceed even the success of Hy-Pro’s last innovation in wheeled toys: the global playground craze Street Gliders.