The development of balance and core motor control skills is vital for children of pre-school age. In order to aid this vital development, it is important to have the right tools and resources to hand, as this can not only help to boost development in this area but also help to build your child’s confidence.

The Rollers brand has been designed to fulfil this purpose and ensures that pre-school kids get to have fun while also developing their balance and gross motor skills. The Rollers concept is designed to aid these important key stage learning skills by optimising play and value.

The innovative Rollers brand comprises two models, the R1 and the R2, both of which are designed to offer multiple benefits. They are designed to build confidence as the child grows and by using a unique transition concept they will enable youngster to get the most out of play while simultaneously aiding the development of balance, core motor control, and boosting confidence.

The R1 has been designed to convert from a trike to a tri-scooter while the R2 has been designed to convert from a balance bike to an inline scooter. The design has been developed to support core play patterns in children aged one year and upwards.

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